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مدرب ادارات أعمال (العمليات-التسويق الاستراتيجي-الموادر البشرية-الجودة-المشاريع-اللوجستيك)

Business trainer
Operations & Processes improvement, Strategy, HR & training, Logistics, Marketing & Sales, Quality, Value chain, Branding, Organization Communications behaviors and skills, Project and others…),

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  • business developer

    Coming from a very well solid experience Researches, Advising, Logistics, Statistics, HR, Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Quality, Project, Outreach, Executive, & Training fields with more than 23 years of experience, I’m a Professional, with outstanding Management skills with ability to support multiple projects in a matrix organizational structure. Excel at communicating with stakeholders to provide accurate reporting and information regarding the ongoing work. Highly effective in multicultural environments, very strong communication and team management skills.


  • Master Degree ( 2016 - 2019 ) Jinan Univ.

    Master degree in Business Admin. major Quality management

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