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I have a Diploma degree in English, and 17 years of work experience in the field of English teaching and coordination, I am a great fit to be working as an English Teacher specialist.

Based on my last experience at Makassed Philanthropic Association, Save the children association, and with Secondary public school for the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, I have a full understanding of the English Education field, and as I worked as a teacher with both Lebanese, and Syrian students in the humanitarian field according to UNICEF code of conduct and educational aspects and goals, I have mastered the educational curriculum according to the Sustainable development goals for 2030 having a new educational vision for Lebanon in 2030.

Following are some aspects of my background that seem most relevant to meet your needs:

● developing lesson plans and preparing classroom activities

● Planning, preparing and delivering lessons

● Instructing and monitoring students and evaluating their performance

● Engaging students using modern teaching strategies

● Grading tests and assignments, and providing feedback on students’ work

● Maintaining and updating accurate students’ records

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  • English Instructor ( 2020 - Present ) Kayani foundation with AUB-

    • Lead English class of up to 25 participants (age 18-35 years old).
    • Coach in basic or advanced English conversational skills.
    • Train students in basic or advanced IT-related vocabulary and language.
    • Train students in soft skills through conversational skill

  • English Teacher ( 2004 - 2020 ) Makassed School

    Teaching Primary & Intermediate level students from ages of 6 to 15 how to read, write, and speak English in a professional and successful comprehensive way. Providing a classroom presence and contributing to the positive ethos of the school. Putting students first by demonstrating energy, vision and creativity


    • Teaching English Language for all levels
    • Utilize and introduce technology for different levels
    • Tailoring English teaching methods to suit the needs of individual students
    • Planning, preparing, and delivering lessons to a range of English classes
    • Marking work and giving appropriate feedback to pupils
    • Devising and writing new curriculum materials
    • Enhance students to get used to digital online tools including google apps suit to develop their English language through a cooperative manner
    • Digital story telling aligned with writing assignments

  • English Teacher ( 2017 - 2020 ) Secondary Public School

    Teaching Intermediate level students from ages of 10 to 15 for Syrian refugees who attend Lebanese public schools through a fund from UNICEF in Lebanon

    • Plan, prepare and deliver lessons to a range of classes and age groups
    • Prepare and set tests, examination papers and exercises
    • Mark and provide appropriate feedback on oral and written work
    • Devise, write and produce new materials, including audio and visual resources


  • Diploma degree in English Literature ( 2000 - 2005 ) Lebanese University

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