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Primary teacher

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Primary teacher. Teaches english courses in a creative and funny way.. Help children to aquire the second language easily. Give english courses for adults.

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تأسيس من الصفر. استخدام اساليب مرحة لايصال المعلومة.
Use strategies to aquire the child all the objective of the language from listening speaking reading till writing.


  • Primary teacher ( 2019 - Present ) Teaches online courses

    Recognizefor enhancing the learning process.
    Enabling pupils to get the most out of thier school time by making lessons enjoyable.
    Resolve behavioral issues.
    Possesses a strong degree of patience and honed conflict managment skills.


  • Primary teacher English

    . Primary teacher
    . Teaches online english courses
    Passionated teacher have the ability to make language easy.
    Uses the style of aquiring not recieving.


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