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My name’s Magui Maddah , i’m 24 years old from Hasbaya South Lebanon, responsible and energetic Lady .

I graduated from Lebanese University in 2018 than i completed My Master One in Math in 2020

During My education i have taught Math for grades 8-9-10-11-12 in french and english and Physics for grades 9-10 in french as a private tutor … it has me gave a practical experience that has shaped my abilities to impart wisdom and encourage my students . Furthermore , i worked part time within 2 months as a math teacher at Kids Can association , This experience has showed me how to best handle a classroom full of youth, foster a positive learning environment for students ,and how to teach in various types of methodologies that leads for understanding more the subject matter.

I always insist to develop myself through following the instructions , keeping in touch about all things related to teaching as a workshops.. So recently, i had attended workshop in Classroom Management and the importance of using Power Point from Alkhazs USA Teacher Training Center and at the end of it i got a certificate .

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