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I`m an experienced online English teacher. I was born in South Africa and English is my home language. I also spend some time in England. I have been teaching English online for the past two years to students in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt. I prefer to teach ages 11-18 and most of my students are between A1 Elementary and B2 Intermediate level. I hold a Bachelor`s degree in Communications and a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate. If you want to improve your English speaking, conversation, reading, grammar, vocabulary or listening skills, I can help. I will tailor lessons to suit your goals, needs , interests and preferences. I love meeting new students and look forward to getting to know you better

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English Lessons based on your preferences, interests and goals
Speaking/Conversation practice
IELTS Preparation
Business English
A1 Elementary to B2 Intermediate
Ages 11-25


  • Online English Teacher ( 2020 - 2020 ) 2Learn Academy Egypt

    Taught English using Zoom application during evenings
    Students range from ages 4-17, mostly Arab students based in Egypt and Kuwait attending international schools.

  • Online English Teacher ( 2021 - Present ) Easy Learn Academy Egypt

    Teaching English using Zoom application during evenings
    Students range from ages 10-16, mostly Arab students from Egypt and Jordan based in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait attending international schools.
    Oxford and Cambridge syllabus and ESL syllabus including grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and conversation.


  • Bachelor of Arts Communications ( 2014 - 2017 ) University of South Africa


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